Bring the War Home!

A stirring novel of a nation and a generation in high-stakes conflict.
by Barry Willdorf

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Bring the War Home! portrays the adventures of a newlywed student activist couple as they put their beliefs and their relationship to the test in the effort to organize Marines against the Vietnam War.

Set at Camp Pendleton in Southern California and the Columbia University campus in New York, the couple struggles poignantly, often comically, through a maelstrom of the gender, racial, drug, and political debates of the era. A fictional insight into the turbulent times of the late 60s and early 70s, the novel is a precursor of the interpersonal and group conflicts of today.

“Willdorf captures the enthusiasm and idealism of the era, despite the constancy of war. More important he tells the near forgotten story of the growing disillusionment of many soldiers.”
– Sara Peyton, Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Awarded the “Best Novel of Political Drama” in 2001-2002 by the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association

“A compelling love story… in the thick of the GI Movement… when radicals quoted Mao and the Beatles provided the sound-track for the real-life movie of a generation. This first novel is a winner.”
-Jonah Raskin, Chair, Communications Studies Department, Sonoma State University and author of For the Hell of It: The Life and Times of Abbie Hoffman

“As the real Vietnam War and the antiwar movement get buried under layers of fantasy and myth, BRING THE WAR HOME! slices through to expose gritty parts of the forgotten reality. This novel brings home to readers in the twenty-first century aspects of the war and the antiwar movement that they will not encounter in any other book.”
– H. Bruce Franklin, Professor of English, Rutgers University and author of
Vietnam and Other American Fantasies

“Skillfully written, well-plotted, unique in its characters and its setting, this book is a welcome addition to the literature of peace that includes such classics as All Quiet on the Western Front.”
-Margaret Speaker Yuan, Bay Area Independent Publishers Association

“Willdorf knows the story well because he lived it, he tells it with sympathy and honesty. A fine descriptive writer, Willdorf gets it down; the headquarters that became a virtual bunker… the conflicted personalities of the Marine resisters, the quirks of the radicals who chose this dangerous site…”
-Peter Booth Wiley, Publisher, John Wiley and Sons, author of
Yankees in the Land of the Gods

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  3. Seems an interesting reading. I’ve always followed antiwar movements here in Europe, and the emotions they raised. I’ll suggest it to some friends i knew at a couple of no-war events.


  4. jason says:

    I was a solidee in Iraq and I am always looking for good reads on the subject of my fellow soldier..Keep up the good work.
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