I’m not claiming special expertise in this arena, but between following the recent news reports and reading stuff like Dear Abby, I think I have some idea what they look like. I think Chris Christie is an abuser. Here’s some behavior that supports my belief:

1)   Elected officials have expressed fear of him much of the time.

2)   He has a bad and unpredictable temper. One minute he is “joking” the next he is insulting, humiliating or yelling. His mood changes in minutes.

3)   He criticizes people and puts them down.

4)   He blames others for his behavior.

5)   He employs threats.

6)   He acts possessively and is controlling.

7)   He is hypersensitive.

In this particular instance, people are struggling with a Christie motive for shutting down the western side of the George Washington Bridge, creating four days of traffic havoc. There are those who think it was due to a refusal by the Ft. Lee mayor to endorse Christie for governor. Others speculate that it had something to do with NJ Supreme Court appointments. For me, the obscurity of motive is very telling as it reinforces my suspicion of hypersensitivity and could be viewed as a threat.

Some people might argue that this is just politics. They may be right, but it would follow that being an abuser of others is a qualification for office. So the question becomes whether we want such a character trait for our elected officials when we wouldn’t condone it for spouses or parents.



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