August 31, 2013 — More news — all good

Dear Family and Friends,

When I last wrote we had just returned from yet another long hospitalization.  There were two shorter ones that followed very closely, but Barry is finally on the mend.  I will spare you the details, but suffice it to say that he has had every test known to medicine, some more than once, and, except for the chronic Graft vs. Host Disease (cGVHD), has been given a clean bill of health for now.  He is very weak but is eating well, after months of not, getting stronger and we are both optimistic about the future.  For those of you who know Barry well, optimism is not usually in his vocabulary.

While in the hospital the last time, he even wrote a Letter to the Editor of the Chronicle which was published after we got home.  It’s the sixth letter down.

And on the way home from the hospital this last time we bought a house!  As many of you know, we have two flights up to the front door and many interior stairs that make it difficult as we age to live here.  We’ve been in this house for almost 41 years and it has served us well.  We’ve been looking for many months for a more manageable abode and last week 116 De Soto got reduced so we jumped on it.  I had an appointment to see it on Friday while Barry was still in the hospital.  Fortunately, and surprisingly, he got released in time to see it.  We put in an offer that afternoon and it was accepted a few hours later.  It’s got 99% of what we want/need, including wonderful grandchildren space, and we will be moving sometime near the end of September.  I have hired people to help me sort through, get rid of and pack up our house — a daunting prospect after 41 years.  We will have it staged and put on the market after we leave.  We will miss Glen Park a lot, as well as (most of) our neighbors and friends in the hood.  We will not miss the stairs.

Much love to everyone and a sweet, healthy and happy New Year to all,



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