Hundred round magazines!

In the March 12 NYT is a photo of an ex-cop at a Utah gun show. He’s wielding an assault rifle with a 100 round banana clip. A 100 rounds must double the weight of the weapon. No way can it be fired from a prone position. It looks impossible for the average Joe to get a steady aim. Hunting is out. Target shooting is out. The only thing you can do with it is shoot from the hip and keep pulling the trigger until your index finger freezes up. Self-defense? Against what? The zombie army?

Frankly, I was amazed that they found someone fool enough to allow himself to be photographed within a city block of this abomination, much less actually holding it. How far do we have to go to satisfy the cranks and crackpots that lurk in the moldy, dark corners of our society, disguising themselves as patriotic defenders of the Constitution? Why stop at 100 round clips? Why not a thousand round clip that resembles the horn of a long horned sheep? It can curl over the shooter’s shoulder, down his back and up between his legs like the giant dick he is.

The Constitution is supposed to deal with rights, not fantasies. Unfortunately, our Supreme Court has unleashed a storm of delusional troopers raring to take the Second Amendment down the slippery slope of absurdity. No other right articulated in our Bill of Rights has been bent out of shape as much as the right to bear arms. You can’t shout “fire” in a crowded theater but you can fire into a crowded theater according to these guys. Do we need to wait until some seventeen year-old miscreant disarms his 4’11” high school English teacher and shoots up her class before we can come to grips with the fact that the more guns there are in society, the more people who shouldn’t have them will get a hold of them?

I think that responsible gun owners ought to see this craziness as an existential threat to the right to bear arms. If a few bozos can take hostage our Constitution just so they can play cartoon Rambo with clips the military doesn’t even standard issue to its infantry, we are all in deep shit.



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