November 3, 2012 — Home

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  1. says: Online Trading In Singapore

    Keep up the fight, your are a great litigator. And you are part of my life’s court history. Thought of you, one of my photographs w/hang in a court chamber…irony

    High Regards,

    Pat Winston

  2. Hi Pat,
    Great to hear from you and congrats on you photo. I don’t get to court these days, spending a lot of time in treatments, so I may miss seeing it Do you have a photo you can send? I’ll put it up on the website?

  3. says:

    Wow there you are, glad you are up and about. Your books are on the top of my Christmas list. I am sending a check for $150.00 for the books. toughness is hard to I would like to purchase 3 X Bring the War Home, (autograph them, please) and 1 XSorcercess, 2 X Burning Questions. Hope this helps the grandkids college fund. Anyway, you are part of my life…that’s WOW…

    Happy holidays to you Attorney Willdorf & your wife Bonnie…girls included too.


  4. Wow, yourself. Thanks Pat.
    I’m going to send you A Shot In The Arm and The Fourth Conspirator too. Please send an address.
    Happy Holidays,

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