November 3, 2012 — Home

Dear Family & Friends,

Things moved quickly and in the right direction since I last wrote to you.  On Sunday, Barry’s hematologist and also the new rotating attending, Steve Coutre, decided to start Barry on a full course (5 doses) of the second chemo he had been given, Fludarabine.  Dramatic progress occurred and by Tuesday afternoon, they were able to take the Nasal Gastric tube out.  He started eating and drinking (very mild and small amounts) on Wednesday and was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon.

We’re very glad to be home after 25 nights in the hospital, although there’s a long road ahead.  Barry’s still very weak.  His pain is much reduced and his digestive system is very slowly returning to normal.  He will most likely have an abdominal CT Scan in a couple of weeks and then another course of Fludarabine after Thanksgiving.

Absentee ballots arrived today.  We were getting worried.  If you’re in California: Yes on 30, No on 32, Yes on 34, Yes on 37.

As a good friend said:

Go Giants (done), Go Obama (Tuesday), Go Barry (work in progress).

Love to all,


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5 Responses to November 3, 2012 — Home

  1. Steen Hagin says:

    So glad to hear that Barry is home!! Sending prayers!

  2. says:

    Attorney Willdorf

    Keep up the fight, your are a great litigator. And you are part of my life’s court history. Thought of you, one of my photographs w/hang in a court chamber…irony

    High Regards,

    Pat Winston

  3. Hi Pat,
    Great to hear from you and congrats on you photo. I don’t get to court these days, spending a lot of time in treatments, so I may miss seeing it Do you have a photo you can send? I’ll put it up on the website?

  4. says:

    Wow there you are, glad you are up and about. Your books are on the top of my Christmas list. I am sending a check for $150.00 for the books. toughness is hard to I would like to purchase 3 X Bring the War Home, (autograph them, please) and 1 XSorcercess, 2 X Burning Questions. Hope this helps the grandkids college fund. Anyway, you are part of my life…that’s WOW…

    Happy holidays to you Attorney Willdorf & your wife Bonnie…girls included too.


  5. Wow, yourself. Thanks Pat.
    I’m going to send you A Shot In The Arm and The Fourth Conspirator too. Please send an address.
    Happy Holidays,

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