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Recently Congress passed laws permitting guns in national parks proving it is a matter of legislation, not constitutional edict. We can prohibit carrying guns in our parks if we have the gumption to raise the issue, either through our legislature or by referendum.

So what’s all this bluster about a “Second Amendment remedy?”  The First Amendment gives people a right only to “peacefully assemble.” Nowhere in the Second Amendment does it say that people have the right to violently assemble. You’d think that our Founding Fathers would have had a better grip on the English language than that, if they wanted to give us the right to be an armed mob.  That issue, assuming it even existed, was settled  in the Eighteenth Century when the Massachusetts militia put down Shay’s Rebellion and OMG! George Washington crushed the Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania. So much for the old Second Amendment remedy bullshit.

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