How To Download An E Book

For those of you who are interested in reading an E Book — hopefully Flight of the Sorceress — and who have never downloaded one before here’s an easy suggestion.

I recommend you download a free eReader. First, Google eReaders. My favorite is Stanza unless I am buying a book from Amazon. (Yes, Amazon has a free eReader that you can download and use when you order an eBook through them — even if you don’t have a Kindle.)  But let’s stick with Stanza for a moment.

All you have to do after you have downloaded the eReader is to click the “Get Books” tab at the bottom and then the + in the top right. Then enter .

That will take you to the Wild Child Bookstore.

Follow the instructions on that website to download.

If you have a Kindle and want to order directly from the publisher, not through Amazon, you can get the book through an E mail and then transfer it to your Kindle using your USB cable that came with the device.

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